Lessons from an Emerging Manager

Conversation with Anand Ramachandran, Partner and Fund Manager from River Valley Asset Management based in Singapore and Himali Kothari, Founder of Aquamarine Value. River Valley Asset Management started at U$10 million in 2014 and as of today their AUM is U$60 million.

AV: How did River Valley Asset Management get started? And is the Founder’s personal capital in the RVCC Fund?

AR: The Partners in the firm have all worked in large global funds for over

"To Outsource Trading or Not to Outsource Trading for Emerging Managers"

Aquamarine Value's conversation with Jeff LeVenn, Managing Director and Head of Outsourced Trading at JonesTrading- April 2018

AV: Can you tell me how you entered the outsourced trading space at JonesTrading?

JL:  I joined Jones in August of 2014.  As I left my previous firm to join Jones, I noticed a growing interest in outsourced trading in our industry.  When I got to understand Jones and the

Commodities tend to zig when the equity markets zag”- Jim Rogers

I first heard Jim Rogers speak at a NUS Business School event in 2012, when a first year MBA student from Canada asked what he should do with his degree upon graduation. Jim Rogers simply replied that he should drive a tractor on a farm in Saskatchewan. Everyone laughed because at that time, why would anyone want to invest in tangible real assets? Was he early on the call, or late? It all depends on market timing

“Humility Is More Important than Confidence”- Scott H. Young

The markets are a continuous teacher, and drawing from lessons as an active participant both professionally and personally over the past twenty years – such as the Mexican “Tequila” Crisis (1995), the Asian Contagion (1997), the Internet Bubble of 2000 and finally the GFC – one of our key takeaways is you always learn more from your losses than your wins.