Marketing and Capital Introductions


As an emerging manager, you deserve the attention of global asset allocators and access to capital to help grow your fund. At Aquamarine Value, we form relationships with the emerging managers and connect them to our network of global allocators for capital introductions, so you can become a valuable sought- after fund.


Aquamarine Value’s investment management standpoint is unique from both an allocator and manager perspective as AV creates relationships with the managers and represents them to the allocators.

The process

1. Schedule a Free Consultation:

Schedule a free consultation to see if we can assist you with capital introductions from alternative sources

2. Differentiate Your Fund’s Value Proposition:

We can help you with both visibility and exposure for you and your fund to global allocators

3. Transparency for Your Fund:

We will be transparent with our managers for capital introductions for your fund, as building trust is the foundation of Aquamarine Value’s relationship with both managers and allocators.