We work with global based emerging managers with our primary emerging funds and firms coming from Singapore. Our partners’ global investor base is located in the: USA, UK, UAE, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. The investor base is comprised of global institutional funds, family offices, private banks, and HNW individuals that can seed emerging mangers and funds.

Relationships Drive Allocations

As sourcing as become very proactive, the direct allocators and global partners and that we work with can trust us that we have connected them to the right manager in a unique strategy that is uncorrelated to the market.

Aquamarine Value Funds


Why is the
2018* Return /Sharpe 2019 Return /Sharpe   Fund Description   What makes fund unique?
Singapore; Seed Stage Uncorrelated approach to
Asia and Japan specific with dynamic hedging tactics.
+3.04%; 1.39 +3.29%; 2.63

Asia Long / Short Equity with Japan Bias.

  • Target return +15% with <10% vol.
  • Concentrated 30-70 position portfolio.
  • Gross <150%, net -30 to +30%.
  • Priority Alpha Generation

    1.“Outside In” and “Inside Out”
    Experience within Japan

    2. Structural environment poised
    for more short opportunities than
    other Japanese long / short funds

    3. Contrarian Fund that is ideal
    hedge for less structural impaired mature economy markets(US & EU)

    * as of October 2018

    Venture Capital

    Location &
    Fund Size
    Question Company is Trying to Solve Elevator Pitch What makes fund unique?


    Seeking Seed Stage of U$2
    million-IRR of
    72% over next 2.5 years

    Electricity Sector Am I paying a fair
    price for electricity that matches my
    current needs?

    Electricity sector retailer platform incorporating proprietary blockchain technology to

  • Provide consumers transparency on their current electricity needs;
  • Forecast energy consumption;
  • Allow trading of excess energy with peers; and
  • Reward consumers for conserving energy and costs;
  • creating a win-win for both the consumers and the environment.

    Focus is on efficiency in the
    electricity value chain by using state of the art technologies such as
    blockchain for electricity trade &
    retailing, advanced algorithms to
    measure and forecast electricity
    needs and provide best of the breed
    user experience to end consumers
    through simple to use mobile apps
    for monitoring and buying electricity.