Aquamarine Value provides outsourced services for emerging managers, with the aims of creating efficiency and facilitating our clients’ focus on core investment activities such as: managing fund performance and AUM growth.  These outsourced services include:

Market Commentary for Funds:

Investor reporting is the second process after middle office processing that hedge funds will outsource over the next two years.1

Aquamarine Value can save valuable time for emerging managers by preparing monthly or quarterly investor newsletters that keeps clients abreast of pertinent market and portfolio developments.

Investment Product Specialist:

Smaller Funds can take advantage of their tightknit investment community by maintaining a close level of communication with investors that can provide a competitive advantage over larger firms.2

As investor expectations towards portfolio transparency, fees, and communication continues to increase, let Aquamarine Value serve as an “Ambassador” to your fund, providing your clients with regular updates on outcomes of your firm’s investment process, portfolio performance and risk metrics, as well as detailed performance and risk exposure analysis.

Marketing and Capital Introductions:


Aquamarine Value has subject matter expertise on the whole portfolio management process and therefore we can help craft marketing presentations and pitch books that effectively capture and communicate your firm’s investment philosophy, investment process, research ideas, risk management strategies, etc. to current and potential investors.

Capital Introductions:

The stringent performance history and trade volume requirements imposed by prime brokerage firms sidelines emerging fund managers in the traditional capital introduction process.

In contrast, Aquamarine Value provides clients with assistance customized to their unique needs, and our global network allows us to connect emerging managers with appropriate investors for capital growth.

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